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Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare

When returning soldiers come home from war, the romantic battles begin! Beatrice loves and hates Benedick at the same time, returning his amour with each stinging put down and quip. Benedick loves the game when he is winning, and despises Beatrice when he is not. On the sundrenched hills of Italy, hearts are won, lost and won again all for the glory of true love, and who can get the last word in!

Cast & Crew

Directed by Daniel Talbott

Edward Carnevale
Colby Chambers*
Jon Dykstra*
John Egan
Alex Engquist
Brad Lewandowski*
Sevrin Anne Mason
Nate Miller
Ralph Petrarca*
Maria Peyramaure*
Laura Ramadei
Erik Sherr*
Sid Solomon*
Mark Souza
Jelena Stupljanin*
Sara Thigpen*
Scott Witebsky*

Stage Manager - Jessica Pecharsky*
Costume Design - Carolyn Pallister
Fight Direction - Carrie Brewer
Choreography - Becky Byers


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